There are few things in life that help you start your day. Alarm clock. Coffee. Screaming children. Breakfast tacos. I happened upon this egg and protein delivery system recently and I literally cannot stop making them, daily. Most of us have had some form of a breakfast burrito. Will meet his sexy cousin, the breakfast taco. Of course it’s not using a hard shell taco. No, that would be terrible. That sort of crunch in the morning may give you a concussion. However, it’s not too soft like a breakfast burrito. No, this one is a lovely middle ground between crispy and chewy.

What I’m using here is a white maize (corn) tortilla. Specifically, 6″ Guerrero’s Tortillas de Maíz Blanco. They’re made fresh and packaged with love (or so I assume because each tortilla is perfect in my 100 count).


Enough yapping though, you came here for the recipe.

Bontreat Breakfast Taco (yeah, I’m claiming this one, bud)
Serves 2-3 people, 5 tacos in all. You decide how they’re divvied up, if at all.

3 eggs
5 white corn tortillas
cheddar cheese (just keep the bag near by)
chopped green onions
bacon bits (or go all the way fancy and fry/bake some up)
cooking spray

1. Break 3 eggs and add a splash of milk (say one Mississippi when pouring. and stop after that) into a bowl.
2. Heat a skillet up over medium heat and cover with cooking spray.
3. Beat egg mixture and add to heated skillet.
4. When the egg mixture starts to solidify, scramble the eggs continuously (we don’t want them too dry). When they’re nice and bouncy, take them out of the skillet and set aside.
5. Clean the same skillet out (or get another skillet if you like to clean more things afterwards), spray your cooking spray on the skillet and add a tortilla.
6. Now add a tablespoon of your scrambled eggs and spread around a little. Then add bacon bits, cheese and chopped green onions.
7. DON’T FOLD THE TACO YET. Let it grill a little as this evens the cooking out. Let it cook like this for 2-3 minutes. Whenever you start to see brown dots on the cooking side of the tortilla, then we fold the taco.
* You can fold however you want, but I do this: in your right hand, slide a spatula under tortilla about 1/4 of the way and lift up a little. Take your left hand and hold the 1/4 lifted tortilla up a little. Then remove the spatula and pull back towards yourself with your left hand, holding that 1/4 of the taco. Then press that side down as it folds into a taco. Press down on the taco with the spatula to form it.
9. Let it sit for 30 seconds or until all ingredients look melted.
10. Remove from skillet and serve immediately.

You don’t have to stop with just eggs and bacon. Go nuts and replace the bacon with some pulled pork, shredded chicken or all of the above. And you know what? Sidebar: All of this is gluten free.

Have you made this before? Do you have a variation worth considering? Share in the comments below and let me know! Have some friends over for brunch and whip up this relatively, healthy and delicious breakfast.